I have always been a creative person and have always been interested in different ways of expressing this starting at a young age playing with woods and metals.

I also held a great interest in antiques leading to becoming and antiques dealer in London and then brand manager for a successful luxury homeware company.

CdeBdesign was started in 2020 as a desire to honour natural and sustainable materials, crafting unique, functional and sculptural works from sustainable sourced woods.

But also paying tribute to traditional crafts and allowing the natural beauty of the tree to shine through my work.

With a broad and unusual history of creative and practical experience and a passion for self- development I can draw upon past experiences to support newer self-taught practice and the making process itself.

All CdeBdesign products are currently stocked on our website and few selected stockists.

I am always working on new and exciting ideas, challenging myself to push the boundaries of what I am capable of.